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What is Shiatsu?
Shiatsu Shiatsu Flugblatt auf Deutsch

Shiatsu is a Japanese complimentary therapy, which originated in China at least 2,000 years ago. The Japanese adopted and developed this practice, which includes Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also combined it with aspects of Western Science. It is similar to Acupuncture, however instead of needles a combination of pressure and assisted stretching techniques are used.

The word itself is Japanese and means pressure "iatsu" with fingers "Shi". However pressure is also applied using thumbs, fingers, hands, feet, knees, elbows and forearms.

The underlying theory is that the body consists of energy that can be accessed via a series of channels called meridians. Disruption to the free flow of the energy in these meridians, for whatever reason, produces 'symptoms' such as headaches, insomnia and a lack of energy.

What can Shiatsu help with?
Shiatsu helps the individual to help themselves towards their best state of health (physically, intellectually as well as emotionally) by balancing their energy. This dynamic balance of body, mind and spirit also helps create a more positive state of mind and increases self-awareness.

At a very basic level Shiatsu can help reduce stress and remind the bodymind of how to be still and relaxed, yet positive. This helps the body's energies to re-balance and creates the sense of wellbeing.

Shiatsu can also help:

  • Ease tension and stiffness
  • Posture, circulation and breathing
  • Digestive problems
  • IBS
  • Back and joint pain
  • Headaches

What is involved?
The first treatment lasts approximately 1 1/2 hours, subsequent sessions last approximately 1 hour. A full medical history is taken during the first session along with a discussion on your expectations.

Shiatsu is carried out on a futon on the floor.

During the treatment the client could be sitting, lying on their side, front or back, always with comfort as the most important consideration.

What should I wear?
Preferably clothes made of cotton, or other natural fibers. Clothes should be loose fitting and cover arms and legs down to the wrists and ankles, trousers are preferable. Clean socks should also be worn.

Before and after receiving Shiatsu
Lotus Flower Alcohol should not be consumed either in the two hours leading up to, or after, a treatment.

It is also better not to consume a large meal before a treatment and to make sure plenty of water is drunk afterwards.

Please contact me to discuss and to make an appointment.

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