Thursday, 08 December
Back up and running at last!

Monday, 14 February
How out of date?!

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BLOG - 2011


Thursday, 18 December
Back up and running at last!

And please check out the new sections above - "POLEDANCE" & "ENGLISH".

Monday, 14 February
How out of date?!

But lots happening and please keep an eye on the photo section, and more to follow.


Sunday, 31 October
All change!

Thank you for all the kind wishes and support for the move, and please keep in touch. :o>

Sunday, 18 April
Lipbalm & bath melts - hopefully ready by this time next week!

I am soooo excited about these two additions to the Bkind™ range that I've already added them to the "SHOP" page although I'm just waiting for final confirmation on their testing and insurance. However I'm hopefull this will be complete by this time next week. As usual I'm really interested in your feedback, so enjoy and let me know what you think :o>

Sunday, 21 February
Boilers, lipbalm, bath melts & email!

A random mix for today's update. The wayward boiler is back on track and it's such a luxury to have heating and hot water again. The Bkind™ range is expanding nicely with two new gorgeous products, lipbalm and bath melts, hopefully being released in the next month or so. Final note on emails is that I won't be checking for a few days, so responses will be a little delayed. Love & light. jx

Thursday, 14 January
Happy New Year!

I little delayed, but hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. Really looking forward to 2010!


Saturday, 12 December
Nearly a week on from the Christmas fair!

Ashridge Christmas Fair, December 09 It was an amazing day and great to meet everyone and hear all your lovely comments. Thank you again to all those that organised the day, and of course to John, my partner, for your never ending support and help!

Saturday, 21 November
Christmas Fair!

The Ashridge Estate located on the Herts and Bucks border, between Aylesbury and Hemel Hempstead is a stunning place all year round for woodland walks or to enjoy coffee & cake at the excellent cafe. I'll be there on Sunday 6 December selling my handbalm as part of the "Friends of Ashridge" Christmas Fair. I'm really looking forward to it and wish everyone a lovely day!

To find out more about the event please click here, and you will need to scroll all the way to the bottom!

Sunday, 15 November
Cook's Delight! Rex, "thank-you" for your support and being the first shop to stock my hanbalm. You're such a star! To find out more about Cook's Delight please click here.

Friday, 06 November
Sandy, "thank-you" for all your hard work in arranging your "At Home" day today and tomorrow with all those lovely goodies. This is a great event for my handbalm and I wish everyone every success. lol jx

Sunday, 04 October
Mother Nature is amazing. From rain storms to the spectrum of colours of autumn leaves, take time to enjoy!

Sunday, 20 September
My handbalm in nearly ready! Things are happening apace now and really looking forward to being able to share this with you in the next couple of months.

Saturday, 05 September
Well August flew by! Can't believe it's already September and the leaves on the trees have started to change, and Autumn officially starts on the 22nd!

Thursday, 23 July
Why does it seem easier to do the things that aren't so good for you rather than the things that are? If you've ever wondered this then you are not alone. Whether it's trying to eat the correct food, getting to bed at the right time or doing the best type of exercise for you. To find out more please contact me :o>

Thursday, 16 July
Does everything happen for a reason?! I’m really starting to think that it does, although I’m not always sure why … but then again should I?!

Friday, 10 July
Last weekend was amazing! My partner and myself were in Germany to attend his friends wedding and christening of their son. A very beautiful event with lots of fun, laughter, tears and thoughtful surprises. Congratulations again to all involved :o>

Thursday, 02 July
With the lovely weather and longer days it really is good to be out and about and making the most of it. Whether it's a walk in the park or a standing meditation barefoot on the grass it's just great to be outside!

Friday, 12 June
Glad you're all liking the website, and just to let you know that my email access will be a little eratic over the coming weeks, so apologies if it takes a while to respond to you!

Friday, 29 May
It's sometimes good to take a step back and take time to think about the bigger picture.

Today is one of those days and was prompted by a meeting with a very interesting lady. Detail is a great thing in it's place, but is a bit like a ladder leant against the wrong wall, the effort to get to the top can be wasted if it's the wrong wall!

So take time, look around and check the direction in which you are heading :o>

Sunday, 17 May
A perfect task for a wet Sunday.

Working on ensuring my site is visible, but the weather is just clearing so time for some outside world at a local organic farmers market!

Sunday, 02 May
My wesbite goes live!

This is a very exciting moment for me and I would like to say a huge "thank-you" to my amazing brother for all his help ... you are such a star!

Saturday, 25 April
Ordering goodies for "Just a little ..." handcreams.

Still a prototype (and there have been many!) but I'm uber fussy about getting this "just" right before it's available to share ;o>

Be prepared to be pleasantly surprised ...

It's a positive thing!

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